Back on August 7th, 1889, a baby girl was born, the daughter of Joseph Seth Brant and Mary Ann Brant, on the Tyendinaga Reserve near Deseronto, Ontario, Canada. She was the second child of the couple and was named Teressa, who grew up very happily with her five siblings. They were Jane, Lena, Joseph, Lazarus and Ruby.

The family was a direct descendant of Captain Joseph Brant. They were the children of Joseph Seth Brant, son of Seth Brant, whose father, Chief Jacob Brant, was the son of Thayendanegea, or Captain Joseph. On October 3rd, 1906, Teressa married Henry Alexander Brant, a direct lineal descendant of Peter Brant, a brother of Thayendanegea.

Henry and Teressa had three children - Clifford who died in infancy, Roy who passed away at the age of sixteen, and Gladys Aileen, still living. The couple operated a small farm, doing mixed farming for many years.

It was during this time that Teressa began writing poetry and prose. She contributed a weekly report of the news on the Reserve for the Ontario Intelligencer, a weekly newspaper printed in Belleville, Ontario. She usually began her report with a poem and won recognition for her writings. Because of this she received invitations to speak at various functions. She met Wallace Havelock Robb, a renowned Canadian poet, and both being very interested in preserving the Mohawk language decided to cooperate on producing a dictionary. However, to my knowledge this did not materialize.

Teressa was a beautiful, genteel, loving person and her Mohawk name was Kajeje Yohsta, meaning "Garlanding the Flowers". She belonged to the Mohawk tribe and her clan was the Turtle.

After a lengthy illness, she entered eternal rest in Belleville General Hospital on February 11th, 1952, and was buried at All Saints Church on February 14th on the Tyendinaga Reserve.

I am Gladys A. Hatch, daughter of Teressa Brant.

After graduating from Ontario Business College in Belleville, Ontario, I was unable to find employment, so my Aunt who lived in Rochester, New York invited me to come to Rochester and seek employment. This worked out very well and consequently I met and married George Curtis Hatch on August 16th, 1944.

We have two sons, David Brant and Carl Leslie. David has five children - Teressa, Sarah, Aaron, Daniel and Leslie. We are also blessed with a great granddaughter, Teigan Marie Kosel, daughter of Teressa.

I will be forever grateful and thankful to our granddaughter, Teressa Jean, better known as Tee Jay, for putting together my Mother's writings to be recorded for future generations.