Teressa Brant

"Kajeje Yohsta"


Brant Family

Teressa & Wallace Robb




Earl, Major & Dolly

Brant Family

Grandma Brant

Gladys & Norma

Gladys & George on the Farm

George Hatch

David & Carl Hatch

The Sutton Wedding

Charlotte Brant

Mr & Mrs Robb & Teressa


George & Gladys

Easter 1949

Gladys with Fish

Grandma (Mary Anne)

Gladys during Honeymoon

Gladys & Teressa at the Poet's Bell

Carl & Grandpa

David & Grandparents

Teressa, Henry & Grandma

Aunt Jenny & Uncle Jerry

Henry, Isiah & Jerry Brant

David, Gladys, Teressa & Grandma Brant

Gladys with George's car

Carl & David with friend

Gladys at Lodge

Tyendinaga Fair

alot of Brants (?)

George with a load of tomatoes

Gladys & George (aren't they cute?)

Henry Brant

Henry Brant (Sandy's Father)

A Gathering at the Poet's Bell

Roy Brant

Gladys at Seabreeze

Teressa in costume- note shadow

Teressa again same day different shot

Teressa & Mrs Robb

Teressa & Henry Brant

Mr & Mrs Joseph S Brant

Mr & Mrs Abraham S Brant

Eight Brants

Six Nations Council House 1910 - this is a very large file

Six Nations Council House 1910 - less detail