Brant Memorial

Erected in the Year 1886

Reared in the enchanting heart of Brantford City,
Imposing in it's striking simplicity,
'Mid arching trees that grace Victoria Park,
Stands the memorial to Brant.

Formed from the guns that saw service at Waterloo,
Donated by the British as a tribute true,
Together with grants, from the Dominion,
And the Ontario Governments.

From the Brantford City Council, The Six Nations,
The New Credit Indians, private subscriptions,
And the County of Brant.   Which duly made up
The necessary funds to rear,

A fitting memorial to a great Chieftain,
Leader of the Six Nations, Allies of Britain,
Whose glorious Alliance helped to save,
Canada for the Empire,

Designed by a Mr. Wood of London, England,
Who represented each of the Six Nations band
By a life size figure, arranged in two groups,
On each side of the pedestal.

Which is surmounted by the tall Statue of Brant,
Standing with up-raised hand and flowing robes,
I grant ---
As in the act of addressing his warriors,
During the War of the Revolution.

Whilst the four bas-reliefs depict a war dance rare
With sixteen figures, a Clannish Wolf, a Bear,
And a Council fire with thirteen figures,
Commemorative of a race

Whose whole-hearted loyalty helped to maintain,
British rule in the New World, By the thousands slain
And in the War of Independence, freely gave
'Their all, that Canada might live.

By Teressa Brant

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