The Love Charmed Token

Yoh-nayh-go-ah-wee, Drifting Water, --girl
Daughter of Chief Younh-yah-dee-roh,
Namesake of the stately rainbow;
Keeper of the love-charmed token,
Which could pierce the veiling shadows,
Of the future's pathways clearest,
For the braves and maidens bashful.
When kan-quee-dayh moons were golden,
And the silver onh-nee-dah hung,
Bright above o-nayh-kas rushing,
Racing o'er Thay-wah-sentha's crest.

Happy was Yoh-nayh-go-ah-wee,
In the love of Ronh-ah-deena, --boy,
The great wanderer, most handsome,
Seeker of adventures dire;
Whom, alas did steal the treasure 
From her father, Younh-yah-dee-roh,
For his sweetheart, a love-token.
Mighty was the Cheiftain's ire,
When he missed the love-charmed token,
Planted neath the o-nayh-dahko-wah,
The great pine tree full of sorrow.

Summoned was O-chee-a-rorh-romh,
Chief of the magicians bold,
To produce the missing token. 
In vain combed he forests mighty,
Nigh exultant waters dashing,
To the foot of Thay-wah-sentha,
The immortal, Falling waters.
Sought he then the waters flighty,
'Till alas, he spoke in sadness
Saying: "O Chief Younh-yah-dee-roh,
E-sayh-o-nee, day-sah-sontho.
    (you  too  must  sorrow.)

On thy daughter's lifeless bosom,
At the feet of Thay-wah-sentha,
Lies the missing love-charmed token."
"O my daughter, ahk-a-wee-rah,
Yoh-nayh-go-ah-wee, child adored,
I will exact fullest measure,
From thy lover, for thy dying."
Said, the Chieftain, Younh-yah-dee-roh.
Scarce these dire words he uttered,
Ronh-ah-deena, winged an arrow,
And the Chieftain , was no more!

by Kajeje Yohsta

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