Dream Moccassions

A pair of dream moccassions white
All ready for spirit flight
Gay in soft doe-skin beaded bright
With Indian sea-shell beads

I wore them one glorious night
Like magic our joyous flight
In dream to places prisoned tight
In memory's golden hall

We passed through a silvery vale 
And followed a forest trail
That led to Kente's shoreways pale
In alluring campfires red

We paused by the enchanting stream 
Where lodges of Mohawks gleam
And saw the weary watchers beam 
In welcoming quiet way

We heard jo-ne-a-da-ron-do's call
Of laughter like waters fall
'Mid queen of evens' mystic thrall
O'er beauteous Kente' Bay

And from his own moss-covered throne
In waters to rushes grown
The om-wah-lay-lay piper lone
His organ-voiced trumpet blew

We saw the far beaconing flare 
Of absent brave to maiden fair
Sweet in her golden beauty there
Her answering fires tend

And too, the lone canoest spied
On Kente's dream jeweled tide
As each strong stroking paddle plied
To endearing shoreways home

We watched the wild enhungered pace
Of untamed beasts wily grace
Nigh the live campfires circled place
Where sheltering safety lay

We heard the faint triumphant sound
Of night birds in forests found
The crash of prowlers fearless bound
And Indian love-call shrill

We went through the inviting door
Of bear-skin hung lodge-way poor
Where neat 'mid central sodded floor
Stone fireplacement glowing stood

We note the peace abiding thrill
Of simple life in forest still
Where corn in mortars gaily mill
The Indians daily bread

We sat on fur coverings fine
O'er fragrant boughs of cedar pine
As rapt at Cheiftain's storied line
Of poetic legends learn

And the glad grouped family smile 
In friendly heart-warming style 
Bade us to linger longer while
Their simmering kettles hum

Full sealed in rich aroma 'till
The happy call for feasting fill
Our soul with rarest choicest thrill
Of bountiful forest store

We lost cares all burdening yoke
From hapless ill all freedomed woke
Rose rapt at Nature's healing stroke
In wilderness pensive found

Gone are the dream moccassions white
Yet lingers our joyous flight
In dream to places prisoned light
In memories golden hall

By Kajeje Yohsta.

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