My First Vision

In the Month of September in the Year A.D. 1923

I had a strange experience which was truly marvelous, and more so, because it came so unexpectedly into my quiet and otherwise uneventful life.

I awoke about midnight and saw by the light of an oil lamp in my room, a vision of our Savior in the form of The Good Shepherd, standing near the foot of my bed. Robed in white with a bright halo over His head, He appeared in the flesh, and looked with kindly eyes upon me, so kind, I was not afraid.

He stood with His left arm upraised holding a shepherd's staff, and in his right arm he held a lamb against His bosom. His hair falling to His shoulders fell in wavy curls. I tried to speak but I could not utter a sound so I stretched out both of my arms in pleading to Him, and partly arose thinking to worship Him. There! He vanished.

"A Vivid Dream of a Marriage"
Typifying Canada as representing Christ's bride to the Church

Shortly after I saw the wonderful vision of our Savior, I dreamed a vivid dream where I seem to receive an invitation to the marriage of an English Princess, which was to take place in a beautiful palace upon a hill. Painfully aware of my position as a poor no-body, among such distinguished people. I started for the palace eager to see the Princess and hoping I would not be noticed among the great crowd of people who had already gathered outside the palace gates.

While waiting with the rest, I found myself pushed forward by the crowd through the gate and on into the palace, where beautifully dressed ladies and gentlemen stood awaiting the appearance of the bride for the marriage ceremony.

'Twas there a lovely lady came down a broad and winding stairway, apparently looking for some one in the crowd. When she saw me, she smiled and came to me and said; "Would you be bridesmaid for the Princess?"

Shamed by my shabby appearance and fearing the ridicule of the crowd, who turned to see whom the lady meant. I hesitated to answer, although no one said a word. The lady kindly repeated the request. Then I found courage to speak. I would gladly be the bridesmaid, if --- "If what?" said, the lady. Well you see I am poor and would be sadly out of place among such distinguished company.

"Not at all", said the kind lady. "Only give us your consent to be bridesmaid for the Princess, and to represent the Indians of Canada, and we will do the rest."

I vowed my consent, and went upstairs with her where waiting maids dressed me in the sweetest creation of net and silver lace and everything complete to silver slippers. Then the lady came and placed a wreath of silver maple leaves around my head, and stuck a silver painted quill on my hair.

The beautiful Princess slowly descended the broad stairway and we six bridesmaids followed. A Bishop stood before an open Bible upon a lectern, a Clergyman with a Prayer Book in his hand stood before the waiting groom and his best man.

The bride took her place, and the solemn service began. After the ceremony the Bishop kissed the bride, the groom kissed his bride, the Clergyman kissed her hand, the best man kneeled and kissed her hand, and the bridesmaid each in turn kneeled and kissed her hand. I came last, and kneeled to kiss her hand. Then a strange thing happened.

The Princess or Bride took my hand in hers and thanked me kindly for the part I took, as she said, "in the great marriage. "Then she placed both her hands upon my head and gave me the title of Princess and a Mohawk name which I can not recall.

Taken by surprise, I could only bow my thanks to the lovely princess, who then, bid me arise and come with her. The crowd made way for us and we ascended the stairs together, and I awoke to find it a dream.

My Second Vision

In the Month of June in the year A.D. 1924

I saw another vision. It was about mid night that I awoke from a sound sleep and saw by the lamplight in my room, an Indian Mohawk Chieftain standing by the side of my bed, dressed in full warrior costume, with a head-band of bead work with two short quills worn low over his brow. He appeared deep in thought as he stood there with one hand resting on the short sword which hung from his wide belt. I partly arose to gain a better view of my strange visitor, and then, he vanished.

The Voice Reading

Shortly after I saw the Indian Chieftain, I awoke in the night and heard a distinct voice reading. It was soft as the voice of conscience and yet it was not. I listened to the calm voice, and heard parts out of the Holy Scriptures. Next Morning I searched in the Bible and found the same.

Three times this happened within two weeks and each time I found the readings in the Bible of the following day.

The fourth time I heard the voice reading, feared to search in the Holy Bible. I felt it was too sacred for me to attempt. So I remembered the saying, but did not search the Scripture for it. I was worried all that day and night by the fear of the sacredness of the Holy Bible, and the readings I had heard kept repeating in my mind, so that I could not rest.

The Three Fields

Two nights after I had heard the fourth reading, and while I was still afraid to search in the Holy Book because I felt unworthy. I dreamed of three fields. The first field was a dead field, the grass was bleached white and the roots appeared dried out. I walked across this field and came to an old fashioned rail fence through which I crawled under to go into the next field.

This second field, was a mown field and the grass lay as it was cut, covering the ground. Walking across this field I noticed that although the grass was now useless for feed, yet the roots unlike the first field were still alive. Thinking that the roots were covered to protect them from the fate of the first field, I walked very carefully so as not to uncover them. Yet when I looked back I saw a clear path where I had crossed. Then great fear overcame me, I felt I was on forbidden ground and I could not hide the tell-tale path I had made through it.

Hurrying on I came to a third field. This field was a living field. The grass was green and luxuriant and the ground well watered. I did not go across the entire width of this field. There was a large building to the left and a wide gateway to the right, and I left the field through this gate. Then, I saw that the three fields were fenced in by a board fence, and that at the place where the dead field joined the mown field, sat old Father Time with a cycle over his head. He spoke in a deep bass voice saying --- "Are you stopping at the first hotel?" While I stumbled with fear knowing my name would be found in the hotel register and that I would be punished for trespassing in the covered field. I heard my Father answer for me, "yes". Then for the first time, I knew that he too was there. I told him of my fears and he said " If Father Time did not say anything to you regarding the matter, then you have no cause to fear."

For two days and two nights I worried over the strangeness of this dream, and prayed and wept between times to be given the meaning of this dream. On the third night I heard the interpretation in the same quiet voice I had heard before, saying --- "The first field is the Old Testament, the second field is the New Testament and the third field is the present. And whereas you have feared and felt unworthy to search to Holy Scriptures, be not afraid, for God is with you. The path shows --- that you are destined to reveal the Truth, which has been hidden from all mankind from the time of the dispersion to the present."

After this strange experience, I realized more than ever that it was something out of the ordinary, and that by prayer alone could I hope to obtain the mystery of the hidden truth as it was promised to me by the interpretation of my dream.

I am not a Church enthusiast and lay claim to no virtue which may have entitled me to this great honor. In fact I do not claim to be any better in any-way then the average person who fears and loves his Maker.

Having never forgotten my childhood practice of daily prayer and the wonderful blessing obtained by striving to enthrone Christ in ones daily life. I now began to pray to the King of Heaven as I never prayed before, both bewailing my unworthiness and yet entreating to be shown the truth as it was promised to me.

By the type of story written in the Holy Bible in the Book of Genesis, and according to other dreams, voices and visions shown to one by Divine power. The story of the birth of Jacob and Esau and the blessing given to each, reveals the hidden history or truth regarding the Lost Tribes of Israel in the New World, also the Motherland, Thus,
Rebekah, typifies The Mother Nation or Great Britain.
Ioace, typifies The Father of Nations or God.
Jacob, typifies The White or British brethren.
Esau, typifies The Red or Indian brethren,
(First born sons of the New World).
The two separate Nations, typify The United States and The Dominion of Canada.

The two manner of peoples, typify the twin sons which were born to the Mother Nation in the New World, namely that of The Illustrious Band of Red and White U.E. Loyalists , who by their loyalty proved the Brotherhood, (at the borning of the two Nations) and as true sons of the Britain laid the foundation of the The New Dominion, wherein the Brotherhood of Man, and the coming of God's Kingdom on Earth, are destined to be crowned.

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