Gitchi Nagamo
A Beautiful Song

This poem is lovingly dedicated
"The Abbe of Abbey Dawn",

Wallace Havelock Robb
his dear wife, Edna Ilene Robb

Within the sanctum of Abbey Dawn,
Deep in it's calm and cloisteral peace,
The kindly Poet-Abbe slept;
He dreamed he saw a bell-tower rise
From out the Abbey's hallowed ground,
And, in the belfry, slowly swung
A Spirit Bell of matchless tone
No ear of earth had ever heard,
Pealing heavenly music sweet,
Blent with creation's far refrain.

In dream, the Abbe sighed a prayer,
That love might store within his heart
The music of that soulful bell;
Behold, the bell, before his eyes,
Into a Redman was transformed,
Who spoke in gentle, lilting strain,
"Thy payers are heard, O Abbe kind,
Go search and cease not 'til you find
A bell of that ethereal tone,
Whose song will ring out eternally --
     I am the soul of poesy."

Kajeje Yohsta

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