Poetry's Recognition of the First
Unknown Poet of North America

A Redman

    Within the sanctum of Abbey Dawn, romantic beacon of poetry to all beauty-loving souls, stands the first and only Poet's Bell in existence, a great and melodious, bronze bell named GITCHI NAGAMO in honour of the the first poet of North America, a Redman.

    GITCHI NAGAMO, meaning, in the Ojibway tongue, "A Beautiful Song", is one of those lofty and inexpressibly beautiful things that come to pass and exist to lift humanity above all common experience.

    Of matchless tone, this far-famed bell, blest remembrancer of native American poesy, hauntingly lovely, voices, at dawn and sundown, the soul's true longing for beatitude.

    GITCHI NAGAMO is rung, daily, by the Keeper of the Bell, a Mohawk of Kente.

    Inasmuch as the birthright of the Redman of North America has been so trampled upon, neglected and beclouded, it is very gratifying to the Indians to have such a forthright and un-hoped-for recognition as this unsolicited and timeless tribute to the Indian's imaginative vision coming from the realm of light, the peak of cultural and spiritual comprehension, a poet.

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