(In the Spring)

Loving tribute to the memory of her Father, Joseph S. Brant, who departed this life November 21st, 1933 and commemorative of our beloved forefathers

By Ka-je-je Yoh-sta
(Mrs Henry Brant)

Gon-kwe-day-nay! Gon-kwe-day-nay! Springtide wondrous to the heart, Earth's awakening portraying, Reverential and immortal, Gladsome promise, Gon-kwe-day-nay!

Gon-kwe-day-nay! Gon-kwe-day-nay! Springtide beauty unexcelled, In the land of the Kan-yeh-gehs, By the consecrated waters, Yoh-ya-da-doh-gonthee, Gon-kwe-day-nay!

Gon-kwe-day-nay! Gon-kwe-day-nay! Home of Jo-ne-ya-da-ronh-dom And the Thunderbird, O-dohn-yoh, Ancient guard at Eagle Hill Long before the White Invasion, Gon-kwe-day-nay!

Gon-kwe-day-nay! Gon-kwe-day-nay! Land of the Kan-yeh-geh-ha-kas Where they worshiped Ha-wen-ne-yoh, The Creator, The Almighty, 'Neath the sacred O-doh-gonh-ha The cathedral of the forest, Gon-kwe-day-nay! Through countless moons Long centuries have flown, Like a bird, These Quinte shores, Rich heritage, Land of our forefathers Begotten of Divine Grace. They loved the land Wherein they walked The path that led to peace, They who till the fields no more; The soil knew them; They toiled and lived For those they loved. They wondered at the sunset flame And dawn's effulgence rare, Heard birdsong sweet, And marveled at the sight Of earth reborn When Gon-kwe-day smiled. Through countless moons Long centuries have passed, Like wind, upon these Quinte shores, Rich heritage, Land of our forefathers Begotten of God's love. They builded well Upon the rock of faith, God's blessed covenant with man, They who live in memory, Sweet memory Everlasting. Sacred memory born of time And linked forever in Christ With our loved ones, They who have attained Gon-kwe-day's endless morn ----- Eternal Spring.

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