Immortal Love

In the forests of Virginia
With it's pleasant sights and sounds
By the waters of Virginia 
Where the wildest game abounds,
Dwelt the Princess Pocahontas
Daughter of King Powhatan.

Roman featured, tall and slender
Was this Algonquin beauty
Winsome sweet, soulful and tender
Devoted to her duty
Gracious Princess Pocahontas
Helped to rule the seven tribes.

Who saved the life of Captain Smith
From her father Powhatan
And then, fell in love forthwith
With this subject of Queen Anne.
So tragic and romantic
That the world remembers yet.

Guardian Angel of Jamestown
Loyal still for love's sweet sake.
Aiding the English as her own
Kinsmen dear, for John Smith's sake
Crossing the icy river James 
In food-laden frail canoe.

Ever true to her marriage vow
This sad Algonquin beauty.
Richly rare did the world endow
By faithfulness to duty.
Bravely helped her soulmate achieve 
His dream of a new Nation.

A Nation of the English tongue
Planted in the rich New World.
By their immortal love. Yet sung--
Sweet in song and story told.
How with unselfish hearts, they twain
Served the Master's noble plan.

                       May 1926 Teressa Brant

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