There's a legend told of a battle old
That was fought one day in an ancient way
Twixt own-ya-ray dread and a-ro-sonh red
As to whom should rule in the stone-was cool
There was a traitor    a shameless traitor
An a-ro-sonh fake that favored the snake
And after the fight sly own-ya-ra might
Win the cool stone-wall from a-ro-sonhs all
They fled to the wood and plead to the good
Old forest trees rare to shelter them there
They granted them free every hallowed tree
Where unto this day the a-ro-sonh stay.

'Mid the shady clumps of o-na-da stumps
They sought the traitor    the shameless traitor
'Till they espied him and forth-right caught him
To suffer his fate as they would dictate.
Deprived of his name they gave to his shame
The grim o-sonh-na of jit-swa-na-ga
Then sneeringly sang while the forests rang
"O jit-swa-na-ga   O jit-swa-na-ga
When we're through with you, when we're through with you
Your pretty tail plume will have lost it's sail
Your beautiful back will be all stripes a-lack
Like ribbon-snake stripes   like ribbon-snake stripes
O jit-swa-na-ga   O jit-swa-na-ga
When we're through with you your friends will be few"
With mocking wail they plucked his plume tail
And branded the stripes   the ribbon snake stripes
All down his singed length all down his signed length
Then banished him lone from their wooded zone
To the stone-wall cool where the ribbon-snakes rule.

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