The Landing of the Mohawks
Upon the Shores of the Bay Quinte

'Twas a glad dewkist May morning
Joyous birds sang sweet love lays 
When a new Reserve was borning
By the loveliest Bay of Bays.

Great tall forest trees were bending 
Softly o'er fair Quinte's stream
Snowy hawthorne blossoms blending 
Charm alike to pleasant dream.

From Lachine's treacherous waters
Piloting frail bark canoes
Manned by his Kan-yeh-geh Brothers
Brave 'neath exiles bitter woes.

Came the gallant Deserontyou
Better known as Captain John,
A noble pilot tried and true 
When the foaming beakers shone.

Landing on the beautiful shore 
Nigh the Mohawk Rectory now,
Close by his namesake town, before
which all beauty lovers bow.

Preceded by their great War Chieftain
Captain Joseph Brant they came
To enjoy this newer domain
Granted to them, with his name.

Not as savages did thy land 
Upon Quinte's fertile shore,
But as followers of God's band 
Which should to the end endure.

For upon that notable day
They o'er turned a birch canoe
And most reverently did lay
The fair linen cloth --- Then lo !

The Queen Ann Communion Service
Which had been buried so long
Was brought forth for divine office
With both prayer and holy song.

By these Red Loyalists, --- The revered
Great forefathers long since dead ---
Whilst the flag for which they suffered 
Floated proudly overhead.

Thus was born a Reservation
Under Joseph's happy choice
Tyendinaga Reservation;
Land where Mohawks yet rejoice.

by Teressa Brant

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