Mothers of Canada's Valorous Dead

Rang a beloved Nation's call overhead,
"Mothers give me your sons to manhood grown."
Filling fond mother hearts with anxious fears
Watching and weeping and praying in turn
In the Gethsemane of War's despair.
Dear Marys of the world by sorrowing bled.
Nobly you gave of your hearts treasured own
Sacredly laved by a sad Nation's tears
Enriched by blessings from Love's golden urn
Precious with undying memories rare.
Mothers of Canada's valorous dead.
God in His kindliness stept from His throne
And gathered your loved ones to happier spheres
In mansions bright above sunways that burn
They enjoy Life again freedomed from care.
Mothers of Canada's valorous dead.
Your prayers are heard, which rise to heaven's throne
Offered in silence throughout lonely years
Your dead sons interceding for you in turn,
Are conscious of your valued love and prayer.
Mothers of Canada's valorous dead
The glorious virtues you have richly sown
Of duty and honour throughout youthful years
Still live in the dear hearts that loving yearn
To welcome you to Life, where all is fair.

By -   Kajeje Yohsta

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